20 October 2017

Among the inhabitants of the 10 largest French metropolises, 1 French out of 4 intends to buy a property in the next 5 years. What are the intentions of purchasing real estate in the ten main French cities? If 1 French out of 4 intends to buy in the next 5 years, the results are very eclectic. Opinion Way conducted a survey for Fortuneo Bank with the inhabitants of the cities of Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Aix-Marseille, Nice and Rouen. Dynamic cities ... And the others The Toulouse residents are by far the most likely to buy in the next 5 years (32%). Nantes, Lyons and Lille followed 26%, followed by Paris, Aix-Marseille and Bordeaux at 25%. On the other hand, fewer real estate projects are envisaged in Strasbourg (22%), Nice (22%) and Rouen (21%). House or apartment? Who prefers an apartment in the city center? Men (45% vs. 38% of women), seniors (46% of people aged 50 and over) and favored socio-professional categories (43% versus 30% for popular categories). Financial motives Whatever the preferences, the main motivations of the purchase are financial. 36% of respondents want to build a heritage for their future and 33% stop paying rent. (24%), living in a better environment (23%), having a larger area (22%), creating a heritage to pass on to its children (20%), and having more peace (16% ). Only 12% of buyers are motivated by the prospect of generating rental income. To remember Toulouse residents are the most likely to say they want to buy within 5 years. Among the big cities, Strasbourg, Nice and Rouen are the cities where there is the least intention of purchases. For 36% of the pesonnes interrrogées, to constitute a heritage is the main motivation of a purchase real estate. 12% of purchasers report buying to generate rental income Surfaces and uprights What area would you consider buying, and how much would you be willing to invest for this purchase if you were to decide in the next 12 months? asked Opinion Way to the inhabitants of the ten cities studied. If, for the apartments, the average is 83 square meters for an amount of 241,000 euros, the prospects according to the agglomeration concerned are very different. In Paris, future buyers aim for a 78 m2 for 416,000 euros. That is why they are overly optimistic because the average price in the capital at the end of September is 8,823 euros per square meter according to the barometer real estate MeilleursAgents. In reality, they would have to pay close to 690,000 euros to get the coveted surface! In the other cities, the area under consideration is between 80 (Nice) and 86 (Strasbourg) square meters for amounts ranging from 276,000 euros (Nice) to 168,000 euros (Rouen). Marie-Christine Sonkin Learn more about

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