New real estate: Ile-de-France prices are rising again

25 January 2018

New prices are rising again in Ile-de-France. - SIPA

Top 10 strong price increases real estate 6 months

Top 10 most significant new home price increases in 6 months -

Top 10 sharp declines price real estate 6 months

Top 10 largest declines in new real estate prices in 6 months -


The pressure on new home prices resumed for six months in the Paris region. In more than fifty cities that are very dynamic in terms of property development *, prices are up in more than three quarters. Only a dozen cities recorded declines over this period. It is necessary to count 294.500 euros in this month of January to become owner of a three-rooms in Ile-de-France, it is 10.000 euros more than last August, is about 3.5% increase in six months . This is what emerges from the barometer, specializing in new real estate, with more than 1,150 new programs listed in the Paris region.

The lull on new home prices seen by real estate developers in the third quarter of 2017 in Ile-de-France seems so far away ...

This is also the case in Paris, which follows the trend in the Paris region. "So far, the prices of new in the capital had remained rather wise compared to the prices of the former, the trend seems quite different in recent months," according to

Indeed, in six months, all typologies of new homes recorded strong increases: + 15.30% for a two-room apartment; + 14.30% for a four-room apartment, + 9.30% for a studio. Count on average 716,000 euros to acquire a three-room in the capital, + 3.30% in six months and + 6.65% in one year.

But the gaps are very important in Paris. It is possible to buy a three-room apartment at 390,000 euros in the 18th arrondissement, while exceptional properties exceed 1.2 million euros in the 5th and 7th district.

Top 5 most and least expensive cities

The most expensive:

1) Paris: 716,000 euros, 2) Issy-les-Moulineaux (92): 550,200 euros, 3) Puteaux (92): 466,600 euros, 4) Nogent-Sur-Marne (94): 435,600 euros, 5) Suresnes (92) ) 427,400 euros

The cheapest:

1) Trappes (78): 175,400 euros, 2) Sarcelles (91): 177,400 euros, 3) Melun (77): 179,300 euros, 4) Meaux (77): 183,700 euros, 5) Corbeil-Essonnes (91): 184,200 euros

Average price of a new apartment T3 *

After Paris, the pressure is particularly important in the Hauts-de-Seine. The price increases are greater than 8% in Antony, Clamart, Colombes and no drop is noted in the dozen of the most buoyant cities.

This department Ile-de-France even places three other cities in the top 5 most expensive cities of Ile-de-France (box), as in Issy-les-Moulineaux where it is necessary to pay in this month of January 550,000 euros to acquire a three -rooms. Apart from Paris, which remains on the highest market, only the city of Nogent-sur-Marne, in the 94, manages to settle permanently in this ranking with a three-room to 435,600 euros.


The only département in Ile-de-France to record significant price cuts: the Seine-Saint-Denis, with four cities in the top 10 of the biggest declines: Villepinte, Rosny-sous-Bois, Noisy-le-Sec, Saint-Denis. "Not yet an effect of the year 2024, nor the Grand Paris Express effect, for example, in Saint-Denis, which will nevertheless be one of the central stations of the future automatic metro, while hosting the Olympic village," according to

In Rosny-sous-Bois, there too, despite a future strong connection of the future metro and the RER E, the drop in new prices has continued for over a year, almost 9%, the 3 rooms from 273,500 euros to 249,300 euros. In contrast, Saint-Ouen (93) saw its prices soar by + 10% to more than 327,000 euros for a three-room apartment.

* A very dynamic city for real estate development, a city where there are at least 5 new programs in commercialization. This explains for example why Neuilly-Sur-Seine (92) and Levallois-Perret (92) do not appear in the top 5 most expensive cities and that their few programs (less than 5 each) are not included in the statistics. In all, the study conducted on Monday, January 22 is therefore the comparison between several hundred new home marketing prices.

Hélène Dupuy

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