What will really change the lightening of disabled standards in new housing

6 June 2018

which "can be made accessible after simple work". But this concept remains for the moment vague. It is a decree that will specify the definition after consultation with building professionals and associations defending the rights of the disabled. The "simple works" should concern work of second work (like to cut down a partition) and not of first work (like to modify a bearing wall) .Contacted by Lavieimmo, the Ministry of the Cohesion of the territories specifies that "the evolutionary housing is a housing designed originally so that the surface of the rooms and rooms adapts throughout the life according to the need of its occupants.We can move the partitions easily according to the needs ". For example, "removable partitions should not contain piping fluids", adds the ministry. The questions pending: Once the question of the precise definition of a housing evolution settled, remains to know how will be the distribution to the interior of the building between accessible housing and evolving housing. "If the so-called accessible housing is always found on the ground floor and facing north, this would be discrimination.We will have to pay attention to this," says Alexandre Duliège. "Who will take charge of the adaptation work ? "wonders also Arnaud de Broca. The question is not trivial since people with a disability, with the lowering of accessible housing quotas, will mechanically more often face housing that needs to be adapted to their needs, especially in renting. The Government states that the 2018 Finance Bill extended the tax credit for expenses related to the loss of autonomy by 3 years, which makes it possible to recover 25% of the amounts committed. For the smallest public, the National Housing Agency (Anah) is supposed to take over, with a budget of 50 million euros per year and the goal of adapting 15,000 housing units per year to the challenges of the loss of autonomy.Jean-Louis Dell'Oro


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