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What is the State of Future Completion ?

The Sale in State of Future Completion), or more commonly called the "Sale on plan" is strictly regulated (Code of construction and housing art L and R 26-1s).

Buying a house on a plan means purchasing housing that has not yet been built or that has not yet been completed.

The sale in the state of future completion is always preceded by a preliminary contract called a reservation contract, by which the promoter will reserve to the buyer a specific lot in return for a security deposit.

This reservation contract is drawn up in writing and contains the essential information relating to:

  • The building
  • Quality of construction
  • The fixed price (with the VAT rate)
  • Deadline for notarial act
  • The estimated delivery time
  • The approximate surface of the property and the annexes
  • The number of main rooms
  • The legal conditions on the security deposit
  • The withdrawal period
  • A financing plan with the suspensive condition of obtaining a loan

To this contract will be annexed:

  • A descriptive notice of the program with the materials used in the building and in the apartment
  • The plans of the reserved housing, plan of mass, plan of the car parks
  • (State of natural and technological risks)
  • Any other document that the proponent deems necessary to annex

Once the complete booking file is signed you can deposit your file in bank for obtaining your mortgage, (particular assembly with different calls of funds as the construction).

You will become the owner on the day of the authentic deed with the notary of the land and the constructions already completed and those to come as the work progresses and you will be convened by registered letter for the day of delivery of Your property.

Note that many promoters today try to make pre-visits about a month before delivery to pick up all the small details to correct so that the delivery report is blank on day d.

Obviously all these elements are as information pending your appointment with the team Pléiades Estate.

The advantages of the Nine

Apart from two constraints, one does not see the good because it is not yet built and that one must be a little patient the time of construction, there are only advantages to turn to the new:

Comfort and safety

  • Energy saving thanks to thermal and phonic standards
  • A well-designed layout so as not to lose space
  • The different guarantees:
    • 1 year of perfect completion
    • 1 year acoustic
    • 2 years on small equipment
    • 10 years on the structural work

The financial aspect

  • Notary fees are reduced
  • Exemption from property tax by municipalities
  • Reduced condominium fees
  • No agency fees
  • In case of Eligibility the PTZ and reduced VAT

Obviously all these elements are as information pending your appointment with the team of Pléiades Estate.

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