Acquiring your principal residence is an important moment, many benefits can attract you (see the advantages of the new in the buy tab in the new one).

You may be first-time and you do not know where to start?

You bought a few years ago, but the standards, the laws change you need to be advised?

You have always bought in the old but at the time of retirement you want a pied à terre in Ile de France without jobs, easy access, close to shops?

You are abroad and you want to settle in the French capital?

Pléiades Estate is able to accompany you from A to Z in this important stage of your life.

Indeed we gather a large part of the offer of the market with the biggest promoters

As part of the purchase of your main residence you may be eligible for State aid (see PTZ and reduced VAT):

The PTZ (Zero Rate Loan)

The zero interest rate loan (PTZ) is a state-assisted loan that allows you to purchase your home if you have not owned your principal residence in the last 2 years, on a means-tested basis.

The amount of PTZ depends on the area where you buy your home.

The loan can only finance part of the purchase, you must complete it with one or more loans and possibly a personal contribution.

This housing must be new or old with jobs.

(Our broker will be able to make a financing simulation to know to what extent you can claim this loan and what are the terms of repayment)

Reduced taxes

For those who wish to acquire their main residence, the law of finance allows to benefit:

  • VAT at a reduced rate of 5.5% or 7% (instead of 20%)
  • For home ownership operations in the defined perimeters of the "ANRU zones"
  • Respecting resource ceilings
  • And the price ceilings per square meter according to the zones
  • Period of possession of the property 10 years if resale before possible it is necessary to refund the VAT difference (between the reduced rate and the normal rate)

During our appointment, we will be able to study this item together to see if you can benefit from it.

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