Does the Covid-19 crisis change French real estate projects?

29 April 2020

STUDY. The promoter Capelli, in partnership with the Poll & Roll institute, questioned the French to find out how they envisioned their real estate project after the health crisis. Is it questioned? What are the new purchasing criteria sought? Answers.

The current health crisis is an unprecedented upheaval in the life of the French. This forced break is conducive to reflection, and many are redefining the contours of their real estate project.

According to a survey * by promoter Capelli, in partnership with the Poll & Roll institute, "if 45% keep their real estate projects as they are, the motivations and criteria of the remaining 55% have really changed with the Covid-19 pandemic", we learn in the study.
And there, unsurprisingly, they favor the outdoors (balcony, terrace or garden), but also a corner of nature. "For 36% of them, the possibility of having outdoor space has become one of the most important criteria in their purchase project," the study points out. It should also be noted that "1 in 3 French people want their property to be located in a peaceful location close to nature". Will these factors remain important after this period? Will reality take over? These are questions that we can ask ourselves.

What about the real estate project as such? Real estate seems to remain an investment or a favored project, however, fears appear. "1 in 3 French people say they have less confidence in the future" and "1/3 of them are waiting to see if prices will drop before positioning themselves on a property purchase".

* Study carried out on 1,000 people via a self-administered online questionnaire from April 10 to 14, 2020.

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