Discover the cities where to live and work in the green

12 June 2020

Exclusively, discover the results of the study on the cities where to live and work in the green carried out by Cadremploi and Figaro Immo. The top 3 cities to move to will surprise you!

Have a better work-life balance
Having a better quality of life, this can be one of the main resolutions of the French since the end of confinement. This unprecedented period has profoundly changed our relationship with work and housing. The companies had to adopt telework as of March 17 and could see that productivity was generally at the rendezvous. Employees were also able to realize how much they were gaining in quality of life. No more stress from transport and hello to better family organization. This period of confinement nevertheless revealed the limits of the dwellings in which they were confined, the absence of an exterior in particular, and reinforced the desire to live in the countryside, far from the city and its tumult.

If some Ile-de-France residents plan to settle 30 minutes from Paris, others dream outright of setting sail. It is still necessary to be able to act, that the company set up teleworking, that the travel costs are not too high and that the financial conditions are met, especially in terms of real estate rates when it is a real estate purchase.

Cadremploi and Figaro Immo interviewed 1,130 executives after confinement (from June 5 to 8) about their desire to move green. With a questioning of the pace of work (63%), of work-life balance (58%) or of the place of residence (48%), executives seem to wonder about the need to live and work in a city by comparing property prices in more distant cities accessible by public transport, car or TGV. At stake ? Larger accommodation, sometimes even a house, and a better family and professional balance. Discover the list of cities for moving with a better living environment and at more affordable prices.

Top 20 cities where executives want to go live and work green
To establish this classification, several criteria were crossed in particular, the purchase price per m2 based on the prices of Notaries of France (PERVAL database), on the price of rents per m2 in 2019 (PriceHubble) and the share of houses in total housing in the urban unit (INSEE base) but also the unemployment rate, the evolution of the number of jobs, the climate index (ie sunshine), pollution (quality of the 'air source INERIS) as well as travel time to Paris, digital coverage and school level (source Ministry of National Education). All of which indicates that these cities make it possible to combine business with pleasure.

Angoulême is at the top of the cities where to go live in the countryside with an average price of 1,230 euros / m2, followed by Poitiers (1,590 euros / m2) and Quimper (1,520 euros / m2). Or average prices well below 10,000 euros / m2 in Paris. "If the employment of executives remains polarized in metropolitan areas, these 3 winning cities are nevertheless located within dynamic employment pools while offering a very good compromise in terms of infrastructure, environment and real estate", says Elodie Franco Da Cruz, head of the study.

Then follow other attractive cities which reach Paris in two hours by TGV such as Arras (1,550 euros / m2), Tours (2,120 euros / m2) and Rennes (2,880 euros / m2). The rest of the ranking reveals that the best-ranked cities have very low prices and a distance of around 2 hours from Paris. Le Mans is 7th (1,650 euros / m2), followed by Nancy (1,750 euros / m2), Angers (2,180 euros / m2) and Bourges (1,390 euros / m2).

The following 10 cities have an average price per m2 which does not exceed 2,000 euros (with the exception of Valence and Colmar). Thus follow Limoges (1,440 euros / m2), Montauban (1,640 euros / m2), Orléans (1,970 euros / m2), Agen (1,360 euros / m2), Colmar (2,230 euros / m2), Valence ( 2,040 euros / m2), Brest (1,690 euros / m2), Saint-Brieuc (1,410 euros / m2), Brive-la-Gaillarde (1,350 euros / m2) and finally in 20th position Amiens (1,830 euros / m2).

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