Municipal in Issy-les-Moulineaux: new homes are being taken out at more than 10,000 euros per m²

25 November 2019

A few months before the 2020 municipal elections, Le Parisien analyzes campaign issues. This week: housing. In Issy, the new programs are selling as expensive as in Paris and are stormed. By Anissa Hammadi November 24, 2019 at 7:11 pm, modified on November 25, 2019 at 9:57 am September 2018 in the heart of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Thirty people spend the night under a barnum. All want to be first on the spot. A concert? No. A hunt for new apartments. Smelling the craze that the operation "Heart of City" will arouse, Altarea Cogedim installs a barnum, with poufs and food truck, the day before the launch of the marketing of this eco-district between two metro stations. The developer was not mistaken: one year and two months later, half of the three hundred private dwellings are reserved. It must be said that in this adjoining city of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, "everything sells very well, even supermarkets," says Serge Baikan, manager of an agency Stephane Plaza. In fact, there have never been so few goods on the market ... "According to this real estate agent implanted for more than twenty years in Issy," the Isseans have no problem of money, simply a problem of offer ". In the city center, the absence of signs for rent, for sale, sold or rented on the windows of buildings reflects the scarcity. However, the prices of Issy join those of Paris. They oscillate between 7 000 and 7 500 € / m² in the former. With peaks of 10 or 11 000 € / m² in "neighborhoods as expensive as the 17th arrondissement," says Luc Fichet, agency Real Estate. "Issy will become a little Neuilly" In the new, the tariffs become stratospheric: flagship project of the mandate, the future eco-neighborhood Cœur de Ville offers housing at 12 500 € TTC / m² on average. " It is shameful ! fustigates Michèle, retired teacher and long-time Isséenne. Issy will become a little Neuilly, it is finished the mixity, the city s'embourgeoise speed. For the moment, the eco-district is only a gaping hole on which cranes and backhoe loaders are working. We must imagine gardens, terraces, cinema, school, nursery, but also offices, social housing and senior residence. All close to the town hall, shops and line 12 of the metro. "The first goods to leave were the exceptional products, large apartments around 100 m² high floor," said Dominique Goudard, director of promotion at Altarea Cogedim. "Exceptional products" that climb to almost € 16,000 / m². "These rates are disconnected from the usual prices because it is an unparalleled project: large terraces of 50 m², superb exposure, unobstructed view, justifies the developer. There is a real expectation on these rare products in Paris or in the suburbs, in famous cities like Issy. " Around the site of the Heart of the City, few people understand these "crazy prices", blows Sarah, a disappointed tenant. "All new programs, I find dear, says Emmanuelle, owner and mother of two children. We, if we wanted to buy bigger in Issy, we could not ... " "A desire for diversity" "The supply is insufficient for families, supports Thomas Puijalon, elected (PS) opposition. Older people occupy housing that has become too big and it costs more to switch to smaller, newer homes. " Despite private housing increasingly inaccessible to the middle classes, the socialist opposition recognizes "a true desire for diversity" on the part of the municipality. Unlike many cities in the department, Issy-les-Moulineaux is close to the 25% of social housing, the legal quota. The aptly named Atypik tower illustrates this "will": it consists of 159 private dwellings, 21% of which are social housing units. A complete mixed operation "difficult to manage", admitted by the mayor, but renewed during this mandate with the program "Issy Préférence" BNP Paribas: 84 homes, including 24 social ... In the heart of town. The mayor responds Too expensive, Issy? Neither more nor less than the other cities of small crown of the west Paris, defends André Santini, mayor (UDI) of the commune. "Some new programs offer housing at lower prices, close to those of the old, especially to the west and south of the city," he points. Regarding the "Heart of City", the elected recognizes "higher" prices than other recent operations delivered nearby, simply "because they correspond to those of the market in this sector." And prove that the city is "dynamic and attractive". In order to facilitate the access of this program to the Isseans, the municipality has encouraged the developer Altarea Cogedim to offer a discount to residents, before marketing to the general public. "48% of the buyers come from the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux, which testifies to the important interest of the population for this future eco-district. Issy is on a roll, "says André Santini.

"I have also demanded that social housing, such as those in accession or sold en bloc, provide for a wide range of typologies, from T1 to T6, which makes it possible to accommodate both single people, small households and large families. "Continues the elected.

As for the intergenerational mix, "it is guaranteed by the senior residence of 83 apartments". In this same building, a nursery will be established on the first floor, and housing for free access to the last. "Thus, if the prices at the accession are high, the safeguards posed by the city make it possible to guarantee, in the long term, the arrival of populations with the varied profiles and resources", assures it.

In general, André Santini also praises his record in terms of social mix: "We now impose 30% of social housing in each program. In the Leon Blum ZAC, we will build more social housing (750) than there was before the start of the neighborhood rehabilitation program.

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