Why recommend us?

It's up to you to see, we give you leads!

Warm and friendly, technical and legal mastery, a multitude of programs, and a serious follow-up of your file, do not wait to make your family, friends, colleagues who have a real estate project and we will reserve the same service.

In exchange Pleiades Estate will offer you gift certificates, when you and the person you recommended us have passed to the act with the notary.

Of course, the recommendation form must be completed before the first appointment with the person you are recommending (only a natural person).

Here are the amounts of gift vouchers according to the amount of your purchase:

Amount of purchase

Amount of gift vouchers

Between 100 000 € and 200 000 €

800 €

Between 200 000 € and 300 000 €

1000 €

More than 300 000 €

1200 €

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